Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

October 20, 2010

It’s Almost November!

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We have to go way back to late September to pick up where I left off. Our latest efforts have focused on the master bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom floor is installed so I could then install my 6′ claw foot tub. Because my arm was broken the Forstmeier’s came over to help move it into the house.

We then had the tub interior refinished with an epoxy/acrylic finish that made it look brand new and installed the mahogany rim.  My dad helped me install the fixtures but they leaked at the shutoff!  ;-( It’s been over a month and I haven’t had time to redo the seals and try out the tub!

My dad also helped with the installation of the flooring in the master bedroom. Even though my arm was out of the cast by this time my dad still had to do all the nailing. We used flooring that Lisa and I removed from the attic of the stone house. The flooring is tongue and groove white pine that ranged in width from 9″ to 16″. It was pretty dirty and black, but the hope was that when carefully sanded it would have a great patina to it that you can’t get with new wood.

My mom mentioned that it looked like we were building a shed (thanks Mom!). But I think it turned out ok. Here’s a photo after sanding, a coat of shellac, and 1 coat of polyurethane. Still 2 more coats of polyurethane to go.

The reason there has been so little progress (and news) is that in October I had a meeting in Utah and then I was in Minnesota at another meeting (and grouse and woodcock hunting with Windsor). We had great hunts with the best day having 17 grouse flushes and 15 woodcock flushes. Windsor pointed 12 of the woodcock we flushed.  I would have bagged more grouse but my shooting was not on par with Windsor’s pointing. I think every day I did get my limit of woodcock, however. You can’t see the birds in the photos below where Windsor is pointing – but I wish I had the camera out a couple of times when she was pointing right next to the woodcock!

Windsor was pretty tired (as was I) when on Wednesday I walked about 5-6 miles and she must have run about 25-30 miles. She ate dinner and didn’t wake for hours.

Thanks to David Andersen (and his Drahthaar’s, Warf and Tuvak) for hosting and guiding us!

March 7, 2010

Two Nice Days and Mud

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I was out of town all last week as the plumber, electricians, and geothermal contractors arrived to work on the house. Great timing.

So most of the wiring in the house is completed and should be wrapped up on Monday. For the most part the directions we provided before I left worked out fine. There are only a couple of outlets and such that need to be changed. They also wanted to know where the cable outlets should go… something we didn’t think about since we don’t have TV. We probably should be considerate of future owners.

The plumber has just about all the drains and vents completed. He is going to wait to tie into the septic after the excavation is completed for the electric and geothermal. The water hookup will have to wait until a passageway is opened through the stone wall in the basement, but probably later this week the plumber will start on that part of the project.

Here is a picture of the first floor looking towards the kitchen and entryway.

Here’s a picture of the master bedroom and bathroom

The geothermal crew arrived to both install the heat exchanger, ductwork, and drill wells. The first 2 days they drilled one well. They hit water at 30′ and the hole collapsed before they could get the pipe down the hole. That meant they had to redo it with 50′ of casing – which means $$ at something like $12/ft of casing. We will be having a discussion on this topic on Monday. The drilling looks like this…

with lots of trucks, drilling rigs, excavators and mud. Did I mention the mud?

Here’s the interior progress on installing the heat exchanger and ductwork. The cast iron grate on the right is where the opening to the old house will go.

Below is a view of the crawl space under the master bedroom.

On the exterior, the roof is completed and the siding is going up quickly. Here’s a photo of the east side of the house.

And the southwest side…

While I was gone there was little sun so the solar kiln didn’t do much drying. However, the weekend was very sunny and the cherry has a moisture content of about 10%. With a few more days of sun it may be dry and I can start another load of wood.

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