Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

March 20, 2011

We’re Done Deconstructing!!

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This weekend was a lot of hard work but we completely removed the 2-story addition and  cleaned up (most) of the resulting mess. That sounds easy but was not. Thanks to Jason, Franny, and Katie for their help!

Today (Sunday), we had the second story joists and subfloor to separate (we pitched the subfloor but salvaged the joists) and then we had to separate the 1st floor joists and flooring. The first floor (our old kitchen) had 1×12 subflooring with linoleum flooring attached. Above that was a layer of luan and another layer of linoleum. Above that was another layer of luan and a third layer of linoleum! I ended up sacrificing a circular saw blade by running a cut parallel to each joist through the flooring. With each section of flooring (with a joist attached) the kids took a sledgehammer and separated the joist from the flooring. I saved the joist and pitched the 3 layers of linoleum into the dumpster.

Before we took it all apart Lisa and I suggested to the kids that we bring out the kitchen table and have a last supper in the “old kitchen.” They were not amused.

What you don’t see now are the 2 pickup truck loads of vinyl siding sent to recycling, the 2 pickup truck loads of metal taken to recycling, and the 3 pickup truck loads of dimension lumber that now require the removal of thousands of nails (these boards are piled in the pole barn). ¬†The rest of the house was removed in 2 30-cu-yd dumpsters. Unfortunately, all the 1×12 sheathing was just too brittle to remove intact. And the asphalt siding was best sent to the landfill.

Now that we are ready for Lee Cowan to remove the metal roof and rebuild the soffit it is suppose to rain all week. We’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

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