Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

January 15, 2010

Footers and frozen mud

Filed under: Beginnings — Duane Diefenbach @ 8:06 pm

I learned how to string lines so that the foundation contractor can set his forms. It’s not too difficult after you pound concrete form stakes into frozen ground (use a hammer drill to start the hole), attach a piece of lathe, and then make lots of replicate measurements with 2-3 people.  The foundation contractor arrived around 8am and was completely done before I got home from work.  They’re now under blankets to help the concrete cure. Pictures to come soon.

Now we have to plan for 1) walls poured on Monday, 2) where to locate access holes for sewer line, sump pump, utilities, and geothermal lines. Not to mention all the other things we need to purchase – like windows, switches, sinks, etc., etc…

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