Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

January 21, 2010

Foundation and Beginnings of a First Floor

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Three days ago I mentioned pouring walls. Things are going so fast I can’t keep up on the blogging so here’s an update of the past few days with some pictures.

The walls were poured on Monday. Amazingly Glen Peachey’s crew of Peachey’s Poured Walls showed up in the morning and began setting up forms. An intricate process whereby interlocking aluminum panels are set up to create the forms. After the whole foundation was laid out with forms, they were checked for level and square and the concrete began pouring. Two full trucks of concrete and a full days work. But the whole thing was a rush and I didn’t get any photos of the forms. Just the finished product after the whole operation.

The photo shows Lee Cowan and our neighbor, George Robb, in the backhoe adding fill to the crawl spaces.  Everything except the area nearest the house will be crawlspace.

As of Thursday afternoon (today) this is the status of our project.

The mud is still pretty bad, although it has moderated over the past couple of days (it was 14 degrees F this morning). But tomorrow snow, rain, and sleet is supposed to arrive… Oh Joy!

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