Setter Run Farm

Our Philosophy

At Setter Run Farm we choose farming practices that are good for the environment and people. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We only use antibiotics to treat illness and do not use them as a prophylactic or growth enhancer. We promote a healthy, well-balanced soil, which grows healthy food. 

We are not certified organic by the USDA and do not meet all organic certification standards. However, our customers trust us to use environmentally friendly farming practices and enjoy a direct connection to the farmer who provides their food.



Our Specialties


We have a flock of about 60 laying hens that have daily access to fenced pasture, but when the gardens are not active they are allowed to free range.  Production of eggs varies with the seasons, but in the peak spring and summer season we might collect over 4 dozen eggs a day. In the course of a year we will collect and sell over 10,000 eggs!

Our eggs are available at the farm.

Cornish Game Hens and Broilers

Twice every summer (usually May-June and August-September) we pasture raise 200 chickens for eating and sell fresh to customers who pre-order.  Cornish Game Hens are raised on pasture for about 4 weeks and are 1-2 lbs each. Broilers are raised for 8 weeks and are 5-6 lbs.