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November 17, 2010

Well, it is woodcock and grouse season

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That’s my excuse for no updates.

After returning from MN I had some wonderful hunts in PA. In late October in about 3 hrs Walt and I had 25 flushes in just 2 coverts. Then I went to MD for a workshop the first week in November but upon my return I hunted the last Saturday of woodcock season and had 16 flushes for the day. But I get ahead of myself.

On the 6th of November Molly and I went to Quehanna for our traditional grouse hunt (but we couldn’t stay overnight) and Windsor pointed a black bear.  A great story that is best told in person, but the short version is that as we were walking out of a covert she pointed a crack in a big flat rock. I climbed on top of the rock and looked down in expecting a porcupine when a black bear growled at us.  Suffice it to say I jumped back and called off Windsor.  A half minute later a 300-400 lb black bear climbed out and ran away.

Then on the following Wednesday after school Molly and I hunted the hillside behind our house for an hour. We flushed 3 grouse and Molly had a shot at one (but like me, she missed). No woodcock. Then on our way back Molly noted that Windsor’s tail looked funny. I concluded it was broken.  Took her to the vet and left her for the evening to have her tail docked by about 4 inches.  No grouse hunting for 14 days.  She is recovering well.  Did I mention Windsor and Hazen were at the vets on Monday – Windsor had a thorn removed from her foot and Hazen was spayed?

But I digress – this blog is supposed to be about the house.  I have been trying for several weeks to finish up the master bedroom. I think every weekend I have been telling Lisa, “I think we can move in.”  But I have been too optimistic. However, on the 14th I had everything completed in the bedroom except (1) trim above the closet, (2) doors to the closet, and (3) a bedroom door.  So we moved in Monday night.

Moving the bedroom is a story in itself because the pencil post bed I made when we first moved to Pennsylvania (and I had my first real job and bought a table saw) required that we cut a notch in the header above the stairs to get it to the 2nd floor in the stone house. Fortunately, not much changed or shifted since we moved in 11 years ago and we got it back down the stairs. Except this time Ethan was of more help than Lisa.

After the move here is a picture looking in through the doorway (no door yet) to the master bedroom and of the  closet (no doors).

It is an absolute pleasure having plenty of room to walk around the furniture without stubbing a toe or banging a shin. And we’re quite pleased how Hazen highlights the color of the pine floors that we reclaimed from the attic.

In the bathroom I (almost) finished the vanity (still need to make the drawers) that is designed around the vessel sink we carried home from Spain in 2006 (inspired by the bathroom vanity in the wonderful hotel we stayed in Sevilla). Just fyi, the design inspiration is on the right. I made our vanity out of walnut with some cherry trim and highlights. You will have to visit us to truly appreciate it!

I have also been able to test the clawfoot tub twice since it has been installed. At the price of embarassing my grad students (and kids). Here is a photo of the second test of tub performance. It is everything I wished for – lots of water and plenty of room to stretch out!

So now that we can sleep in the master bedroom I have to set new priorities. I have been told they are to get a door hung to the bedroom (as you can see I am working on that).

And to tile the shower in the master bedroom

Not to mention getting the crawl spaces completely insulated before it gets really cold and making a kitchen. Stay tuned!

October 20, 2010

It’s Almost November!

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We have to go way back to late September to pick up where I left off. Our latest efforts have focused on the master bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom floor is installed so I could then install my 6′ claw foot tub. Because my arm was broken the Forstmeier’s came over to help move it into the house.

We then had the tub interior refinished with an epoxy/acrylic finish that made it look brand new and installed the mahogany rim.  My dad helped me install the fixtures but they leaked at the shutoff!  ;-( It’s been over a month and I haven’t had time to redo the seals and try out the tub!

My dad also helped with the installation of the flooring in the master bedroom. Even though my arm was out of the cast by this time my dad still had to do all the nailing. We used flooring that Lisa and I removed from the attic of the stone house. The flooring is tongue and groove white pine that ranged in width from 9″ to 16″. It was pretty dirty and black, but the hope was that when carefully sanded it would have a great patina to it that you can’t get with new wood.

My mom mentioned that it looked like we were building a shed (thanks Mom!). But I think it turned out ok. Here’s a photo after sanding, a coat of shellac, and 1 coat of polyurethane. Still 2 more coats of polyurethane to go.

The reason there has been so little progress (and news) is that in October I had a meeting in Utah and then I was in Minnesota at another meeting (and grouse and woodcock hunting with Windsor). We had great hunts with the best day having 17 grouse flushes and 15 woodcock flushes. Windsor pointed 12 of the woodcock we flushed.  I would have bagged more grouse but my shooting was not on par with Windsor’s pointing. I think every day I did get my limit of woodcock, however. You can’t see the birds in the photos below where Windsor is pointing – but I wish I had the camera out a couple of times when she was pointing right next to the woodcock!

Windsor was pretty tired (as was I) when on Wednesday I walked about 5-6 miles and she must have run about 25-30 miles. She ate dinner and didn’t wake for hours.

Thanks to David Andersen (and his Drahthaar’s, Warf and Tuvak) for hosting and guiding us!

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