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February 17, 2013

Firewood 2014 Time

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We have had 2 weekends recently with below-freezing temperatures and little snow – perfect for cutting wood.  Left over from last year were still 2 trunks of dead standing white oak (each about 20″ dbh) on the hillside. They had to be dropped downhill because of their lean, but with the frozen ground and slope they were easy to haul down with the tractor and truck.

Here’s what we dragged out and had cut and piled in the yard by lunchtime. Two pickup truck loads from 2 logs!



This year Ethan got some experience with the chainsaw, which led him to comment that now he knows why I like to cut my own firewood (because it’s fun!). That was only after about 15 minutes of cutting (before he even got warm enough to take his coat off) – but if he’s happy I’m happy (and grateful for the help).



Today we dropped some cherry trees overhanging the fenceline.  Two more truckloads and I think we’re done for next year.  Between the 4 loads we just cut and what we won’t burn this year (see this post from March 11, 2012), we should be all set for 2014.  Now we just need to split and stack it all.  Also, after lunch we cut a truckload of box elder to use as firewood for the workshop – box elder is pitiful heating fuel but contains enough BTUs to take the chill off my workspace.

So once again we have another pile of something in the yard.



Update on the house

This past week I finished the paneling above the range hood in the kitchen. These panels had to be removeable so that one can gain access to the vent and power for the range hood. I used 4 pieces of poplar as framing to attach the panels.  The side panels will be attached from the inside and the front panel will be attached with brass screws from the exterior. In the photo below you can see the framing – and the sad fact is this area has been exposed so long we were used to it… But I did get lucky attaching the piece on the ceiling as it fell exactly on a joist (that runs parallel, not perpendicular, to the outside wall!



Here’s the finished product!


Next I finally made the “double” door needed to access the space under the prep sink. I used 2 pieces of solid cherry… and have it sanded and fitted and now just need to finish them.


So you may ask, “Is the kitchen is finished?” Not really – need to add cove molding to the baseboard, cover the framing that forms the toekick under the cabinets, and probably make one last upper cabinet to go above the prep sink. And we have been doing some thinking about a pattern/mosaic to tile the wall between the range and hood.


March 11, 2012

Ready for 2013

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Little has been accomplished on the house in March because I have enlisted the help of the family (mostly Ethan) to get the firewood split and stacked in the pole barn. This weekend we had two events on the calendar: visit a bear den and get to hold 2-month-old bear cubs and finishing with the firewood pile.

Here is Lisa holding the 3 bear cubs. It was a beautiful day but a little chilly (28°F) at 8am with a wind. But it was worth it!

Saturday afternoon Ethan and I split wood and moved everything we were going to move into the pole barn for the summer. Then on Sunday we finished splitting wood and loaded up the truck – I’m selling about 3/4 of a cord because we already have enough wood for 2013 and 1/2 of 2014. So now the pole barn and truck are full. It may not look like a lot of firewood but it is 6 rows deep and 6′ high!!

And the yard once again is almost devoid of a pile of something. Tomorrow I’ll get rid of the last of the wood that is left.

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