Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

April 3, 2010

Bats Arrived but the Woodcock are Gone

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I took Windsor for a walk this evening and noticed 2 bats flying around the field. But up in the pasture no woodcock were singing so I guess they have moved farther north to their true breeding grounds. At 8pm the kiln was still quite warm so it must have been really hot in there today. The hemlock is below 10% moisture content but the hickory is still about 15%.

This week has been a blur, but I think I snapped enough photos to help remember what happened. The big news is that the geothermal company gave up on drilling wells. Even after bringing in a big rig to drill.

They put 80′ of casing in one well and only got 77′ of pipe in the ground. So after several thousand dollars of casing we might have enough pipe installed to heat/cool the addition. But for the rest of the house we need to dig trenches out into the pasture. As of the end of the week no decisions have been made about how to proceed.  The other glitch for the drilling company was that the PA Fish & Boat Commission showed up because their drilling put water and sediment into our ditch (technically it’s a “channel” for Nittany Creek that is dry 99.8% of the time). It has been pretty much a disaster trying to get this system installed.

This week on the house Lee’s crew finished the front porch and siding the house. Here’s a photo of the front porch pretty much completed.

So then I needed to complete the posts and beams for the rear porch. I had a little more confidence making the various joints. Here are photos of the tenon for the  bridled scarf joint and the return beam at the corner

Assembling the rear porch beams and posts was not quite as easy because the roof had been built long ago with a temporary beam.  So Lee’s crew had to jack up the roof and install the beams.

With the posts and beams installed they could also install the sliding French door and finish the siding.

Today (Saturday) I installed the 1-1/2″ line for the sump pump in the basement, filled in the ditch between the house and the barn, and started to clean up the yard. This Tuesday (6 April) the power company is coming remove the overhead lines and hook up the underground utilities. That means the electricians can finish their work, the siding can be finished, the plumber can finish the upstairs bathroom, and the mason can finish the basement opening. Stay tuned.

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