Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

May 6, 2010

Sorry for No News

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Yes, it’s been a long time since we have posted any news on our project. Part of this has been that we’ve been busy and part of it has been that not a lot of visual progress has happened. Since our last post the builder has been finishing up painting details, finishing trim that meets the old and new house, and other little details – besides organizing and picking up all the piles of materials and tools.

The mason is completely finished. The plumber arrived today and ran the waterline from the old house to the new and ran the drain and water lines to my 6′ bathtub (do you know about my 6′ clawfoot tub?). The electricians are all finished except that they will return and finish their work after the drywall is installed and painted. I need to call the excavator and work out details regarding final backfilling and grading.

Besides all that we haven’t shared the fact that we got two 4-week-old steers (well, almost steers – they have rubber bands around their you-know-whats) and 200 day-old chicks. And there’s more…

Turkey season opened 2 weeks ago with a youth turkey hunt on Saturday – Molly was invited by the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s turkey biologist, Mary Jo Casalena, for a hunt in Bedford County. Dad drove Molly down Friday evening and picked her up on Saturday. Turns out they had a great time. A hen turkey came into their decoys and tried to shoo them away. Then a couple of jakes sneaked up on the hunters and walked within 7 yards of them (the hunters weren’t ready so no shots fired). And then 2 gobblers arrived and only a afforded a fairly distant shot that missed. So despite the lack of harvest it was a great hunt with lots of opportunity to observe turkey behavior.

Since the house exterior is nearly done the next big task was to insulate the interior. Previous blogs detailed the help from Mom and Dad Diefenbach. The rest was left up to us. The bulk was accomplished last weekend based on a family effort. Here’ s a picture of Lisa and Ethan.

The interior is completely insulated and passed inspection. We have hired a crew to install the drywall and that should happen late next week (we hope).

The farm has been off to a pretty good start. Asparagus is going gangbusters right now – Lisa picked 4 lbs just today. However, we lost quite a few chicks until we put them on antibiotics and the Amish calves have coccidiosis so they are being treated accordingly. They’re still cute but have a bad case of diarrhea at the moment. We hope within a couple of days they should pull out of it.

Right now we’re working on minor details like plugging insulation leaks and putting blocking in place for towel racks, etc. The drywall will result in big changes in the interior and we’ll definitely have lots of pictures for that milestone.

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