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August 13, 2010

What has happened in the last month?

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Well, a lot has happened but not enough has happened on the house to motivate me to take pictures. However, I have put hours and hours into the upstairs.

I can’t believe it has been a month and 2 days since I last posted anything. Just so you know, this is what I have been doing in the past month (besides going to work!).

I drove to North Carolina to see Ethan race in the Junior Olympics. He placed second in the slalom and second in the downriver race. So he won silver medals in both events and earned a spot on the USA Cadet Team. Here’s a photo of him in the slalom race (as always, click on a photo for a full-screen view).

The next week we went to Vermont to visit family and celebrate my birthday. My parents gave me and Molly (for her upcoming birthday) an overnight stay at Seyon Lodge (along with the rest of the family freeloaders) where you can only flyfish for brook trout. We didn’t catch anything but enjoyed the solitude, great accommodations, and wonderful local and fresh food. Note the pink fishing vest and guide.

While visiting in Vermont we also took a trip to Franconia Notch in the White Mountains of New Hampshire to hike the Flume.

and almost get stuck in the rocks!

Ethan Ethan watching Dad 

Lisa  and Grammy and Pop-Pop 

And our new golden retriever, Hazen, continues to harass Windsor. I never thought an English setter could be so patient with a puppy.

So that pretty much eliminated July for doing any work on the house. Since our return I have been spending a lot of time working on the 2nd floor. For what seems like very little progress it takes many hours because all the trim needs to be planed to thickness, cut to dimension, primed, and painted. I also have to strip paint off the old doors, sand, and prime and paint them. Plus build each door frame and hang the door.

But Molly’s room is done… except I have to make the shelves and clothes rack in the closet, plus the closet doors. Also, I need to make a bookcase and window seat. Ethan’s room is done except the closet… The walk-in closet is done except for all the shelving and clothes racks… The linen closet is done except for the shelves and door… The bathroom is done except for the door frame, trim, trim painting, toilet installation, sink installation, and shelving. So you should realize the second floor isn’t really done…

I think it’s easier to just show you photos of what has been accomplished. Below are the doors to Molly’s (left) and Ethan’s (right) room. And a close-up of the rimlock hardware I restored for each door (please note that I did not pick out the chartreuse color for the trim – that’s Molly’s choice!).

Here is a photo of the door to the walk-in closet and the Blake patent cast iron latch I restored. All of the doors (including hardware) cost me $10 each and came from a house built in Beech Creek, PA about the same time as ours .

Here’s a door I had to make for the access to the ductwork chase.

Here’s a photo of Ethan’s room. We asked him what color trim and he said some kind of red… this is what we picked out for him. Should work well at Christmas time!

I have been putting off work on the bathroom because until the toilet was in place I wouldn’t know if the door could open inwards!  Because of the downstairs layout, the toilet had to go closer to the door rather than away from the door next to the far wall (the preferred location). As it turns out, with a 29-7/8″ door there is enough room for the door to open inwards and the seat might even be able to be in the down position!  All this meant that I had to re-frame the door smaller and fill in the space with sheetrock. After a day-and-a-half of work I am about ready to install the rest of the trim and finish the door!

Here are photos of the bathroom doorway with it re-framed, drywall (2 coats and primed), and the door framing installed. Photo left is looking into the bathroom and photo right is looking from the bathroom into the hallway.

This weekend I hope to get the toilet and vanity installed, install the bath/shower fixtures, and start building shelving that goes at one end of the tub unit (more on that to come). We’re looking to have a functional bathroom and liveable bedrooms next week!

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