Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

December 14, 2010

It’s Cold!!!!

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Last week, the first full week of December and it barely ever made it above freezing. Then it rained. A lot.  Then it got really cold.  The geothermal is doing well but the old part of the house (the stone part) is such a heat sink the geothermal has to work overtime. On top of that, we are still figuring out how it works to be most efficient.

But it’s still cold! Ask Lisa, she can’t move except on crutches (which means she can’t move much).

My original plan was to install our woodstove after the kitchen was completed and the flooring in the sitting area was completed. But with the wind it is just too dang cold in this house.

I “recruited” the kids (like they had a choice) to help move the woodstove. I saved the wood base that it was shipped on and then we used cardboard to slide it across the floor(s) to go from the old mudroom (through the living room) to the new addition. The pictures say it all.

I bought welded seam, 28 ga pipe to hook up the stove to the chimney. This pipe is a wonderful alternative to standard stovepipe because if fits together perfectly with hardly any gaps. But the real test was the draft. It’s a beautiful draft, especially after what we went through last winter. Last winter we had a chimney fire and major downdrafts whenever the wind blew because the new addition complete changed airflow. We’re now looking forward to a warmer house…

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