Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

January 30, 2011

Good News and Bad News

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The peninsula is pretty much finished in that the counter and sink is completed and all the plumbing is installed (including the dishwasher). When I started this weekend it looked pretty much like this

And as of 8 pm this evening this is what it looked like this…

This timing was fairly critical because the dishwasher in the old part of the house stopped working last week! The new dishwasher is wonderful (and we thought our old one was quiet!).

I still need to finish a little bit of trim on the left side of the dishwasher, put a few more coats of finish on the raised bar (note the painters tape on the wall), and make the doors below the sink, drawers below the pasty station (far right), and pull-out drawer that will hold the garbage and compost.  Not much that much to do!?

So that’s the good news. The bad news is that I am so pleased how well everything turned out, especially matching up the cherry trim to the slate countertop and linking that in with the soapstone sink and trim (see photo below) that I may not let Lisa use the kitchen. It’s too perfect to use!

The other side of the bar is all in cherry and is quite nice but I’m not sure if I like the design because all it needs is a brass foot rail and a barmaid. However, Hazen does match the color quite nicely.

Perhaps it will look better when the rest of the room is finished.

I am afraid the drawers and doors for the peninsula will have to wait until after I build the cabinets along the old outside wall of the house and enclose the chase for ductwork. This area will contain a broom closet (between the radon vent and framed wall), prep sink, refrigerator, and wood cutting board for part of the countertop. Below is what it looks like now. Stay tuned.

January 23, 2011

More Peninsula Progress

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This weekend (and week) I have been working on the kitchen peninsula. I have framed the cherry panels for the raised bar and the face frame for the cabinets.  Also, the slate has been set on the top. It’s a lot of work with not much to talk about… but it’s almost to the point where things will come together quickly. We’re having the plumber come and hook things up because it will go faster and I have plenty of other tasks ahead of me – like getting things ready for the gas stove installation.

January 12, 2011

Range Hood and Peninsula

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So far this week I actually have had time after dinner to do more work on the kitchen. It only took 3 hours one evening but the range hood is installed and working. The kids had fun helping me hang it – just look at their happy faces! Lisa stood on crutches and took pictures.

The ordeals with the range hood were (1) the vent needed to be trimmed so I had to go get the sawzall; (2) the cord for the range hood needed to be hardwired into the receptacle, which required I custom drill/file a 3/4″ hole to accomodate a cable clamp; (3) then it turns out the sheetrock guys covered over the receptacle near the floor that will provide power for the gas range, which also was upstream from the range receptacle (and was why after I wired the range hood it had no power!); and (4) the brackets for the range hood did not coincide with any wall studs so I had to modify the brackets. Nothing is simple.

Tonight I finished the plywood carcasses for the kitchen peninsula that will contain the dishwasher, sink, trash, and pastry station. I think what I need to work on next is the framing for the raised bar. Most of that will be covered using cherry veneer plywood. The framing and doors for the cabinets will be in cherry as well. Lots of hours ahead of me…

In the photos below you can see the peninsula and the range hood completely installed (except for the where the exhaust will be boxed in with cherry paneling.

January 9, 2011

The Kitchen!

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This weekend I started making the carcasses for the peninsula in the kitchen that will have a marble pastry station (far right), trash receptacle (second from right),  soapstone sink, and dishwasher. To celebrate we bought a new Bosch dishwasher! Here’s where we are so far.

I still need to construct the plywood carcass to surround the dishwasher and then I will start framing for the “raised bar” that will serve as a room divider. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then just keep watching as this develops.

January 1, 2011

If Doors Could Talk

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Door have two roles – to keep some things in and to keep some things out. The doors we are using in this house were made in the mid-1800s and installed in a house in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania. One of the widest doors from this house was 35″ wide (and only 76″ tall) and I saved it for the master bathroom. With all the doors I have had to strip the 1-3 layers of paint before filling holes, priming, and painting. All the doors have a bottom layer of blue or yellow milk paint. This particular door had blue milk paint and damage to the lower left panel.

I had assumed the repair to this panel was from damage that occurred in the 20th century, but upon removing the paint I found that the repairs were made with cut nails held together with layers of paint. Other holes and wear and tear indicated that this door was well weathered indicating it might have been an outside door (or shed). Plus it clearly had a rimlock installed but one of the holes was cut for a Blake thumb latch (but no evidence a thumb latch was ever installed).  Was the door made with the intent to use a thumb latch but instead installed with a rimlock? Anyway, installing the thumb latch was easy!

And why was the door kicked in sometime probably during 1850-1900 (modern wire nails arrived sometime around 1910)? Was it while trying to keep something out – or something in? Probably both.

Anyway, now that we have a door on the master bath we can keep the bedroom cool while sleeping but set the thermostat so that the bathroom is warm (especially the floor tiles from the radiant floor heat!) when we wake.

The master bath is now almost done… I just need to do a few things like…

-cover the shutoff access for the shower

-make a medicine cabinet

-make the drawers for the vanity (see earlier post)

-final touch-up of wall paint

– hang some art

That should take all of about 2 weeks to finish… but only after I make a kitchen.

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