Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

January 1, 2011

If Doors Could Talk

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Door have two roles – to keep some things in and to keep some things out. The doors we are using in this house were made in the mid-1800s and installed in a house in Beech Creek, Pennsylvania. One of the widest doors from this house was 35″ wide (and only 76″ tall) and I saved it for the master bathroom. With all the doors I have had to strip the 1-3 layers of paint before filling holes, priming, and painting. All the doors have a bottom layer of blue or yellow milk paint. This particular door had blue milk paint and damage to the lower left panel.

I had assumed the repair to this panel was from damage that occurred in the 20th century, but upon removing the paint I found that the repairs were made with cut nails held together with layers of paint. Other holes and wear and tear indicated that this door was well weathered indicating it might have been an outside door (or shed). Plus it clearly had a rimlock installed but one of the holes was cut for a Blake thumb latch (but no evidence a thumb latch was ever installed).  Was the door made with the intent to use a thumb latch but instead installed with a rimlock? Anyway, installing the thumb latch was easy!

And why was the door kicked in sometime probably during 1850-1900 (modern wire nails arrived sometime around 1910)? Was it while trying to keep something out – or something in? Probably both.

Anyway, now that we have a door on the master bath we can keep the bedroom cool while sleeping but set the thermostat so that the bathroom is warm (especially the floor tiles from the radiant floor heat!) when we wake.

The master bath is now almost done… I just need to do a few things like…

-cover the shutoff access for the shower

-make a medicine cabinet

-make the drawers for the vanity (see earlier post)

-final touch-up of wall paint

– hang some art

That should take all of about 2 weeks to finish… but only after I make a kitchen.

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