Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

March 5, 2011

Oops… More Dust!

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This week the mason finished making the doorway to the basement a window. He did another beautiful job!

This second window was a major task and took Dave 2 weeks to do the stone work. He had to chisel away some of the concrete (that Lisa and I poured about 10 years ago to prevent the stone from collapsing because the heating contractors 40 years ago knocked out a duct chase that resulted in no support of 2 stories of stone above) so that he could face the exterior with limestone. I would love to “talk” to the contractor who busted out that stone with no regard for the integrity of the home! 🙂

So now that the first floor doorways have been made into windows, we only have to make the upstairs doorway into a window. This upstairs doorway was how we used to get to our only full bath and Molly’s room. So before we  made the upstairs doorway a window we thought it wise to gut the bathroom and Molly’s room of major fixtures. Out came the doors, toilet, vanity, and shower surround. This is what it looked like when finished. That little space include a toilet, tub/shower, and vanity. Barely enough room to turn around!

So why more dust? And an ‘Oops’?

Well, when Ethan and I were opening up the upstairs doorway we were doing our best to keep the dust to a “minimum.” I was taking the sledgehammer to some plaster (plaster in the 1950s consisted of metal lath nailed to underlying wood and is very difficult to remove) when the whole “shebang” went flying down the stairs… Here’s where the mess landed and me looking on… (my mouth is not aghast – I’m wearing a dust mask!)

Fortunately, Ethan and I cleaned up the mess before Lisa returned with Molly from shopping!

Here’s some photos of current conditions:

Do you like the piles of trash?  A 30 yd dumpster arrives on Monday to take care of some of this!

And this is most of the stone we have left to fill the upstairs doorway

Now that we are ready for the mason to make the remaining doorway a window I am going to try to finish the kitchen area where the refrigerator will reside. Stay tuned for photos.

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