Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

May 8, 2011

Animals and Plants

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The reason why little has been posted about the house is because relatively little has been done. And the farm is starting to take more time.

For about as long as we can remember it has rained in central Pennsylvania. This weekend is the first 2 consecutive sunny days we can recall.  Good thing because we are getting lots of animals around here.

Because it has been so wet and disgusting I added a roof to the layer pen next to the coop. It was 3 inches of muck and it just kept raining such that we (I) couldn’t clean it out. When we finally had some relatively dry weather I took time off from work to muck out the pen, haul in clean sand, and put a roof over it all.

We also got meat bird chicks 2 weeks ago. And with the cool rainy weather we knew we couldn’t put them out in the pasture pens so we moved them out of the brooders into the calf pen.

We now also have our full complement of steers for the coming summer. We have 5 holsteins from Penn State that each are about 300 lbs. Plus we have 4 Jersey steers that are just weaned (actually they became weaned when they came home with us).

And the greenhouse is keeping Lisa busy as she gets plants started. The back garden is now rototilled but the front garden is still way too wet. But we are eating asparagus and fresh lettuce!

As I write this, Lisa and Molly are returning with 3 little pigs. Their home will temporarily be in the dog kennel until we feel they are adjusted and Molly finishes building their outdoor pen. We’ll update the blog with piglet photos soon! I hope to soon have photos of work on the kitchen cabinets.

I saved the best news for last. Yesterday Ethan and I visited a litter of puppies. Needless to say, I brought my checkbook and placed a down payment. We still have to figure out a name for her. She comes home in 3 weeks!

And finally we have some photos of the 3 little pigs. It took about a week for them to get used to us and associate us with goodies to eat. Now we can’t keep them away.

For now they spend their days in the dog kennel until we have the outdoor kennel constructed (and they are used to us so we have some hope of capturing them if they escape. Once they go outside we will have more photos. Lisa really likes pigs. I’m doomed to another farm animal on the farm.

Until yesterday we had about a week of beautiful weather. Right now the redbud is starting to fade but the flowering dogwood are especially gorgeous this year. Here’s a photo of one of our flowering crabapples.

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