Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

February 25, 2012

Nice Accomplishments This Week

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I put a good bit of effort into the kitchen and dining area this week. I installed the base for the backsplash for the countertops. This was a plywood backing with a cherry trim on top so that a 3″ wide slate piece could be installed. Once this base was in place I could trim the windows in the kitchen. This trim is only 3″ wide whereas the rest of the house is 4″ trim, but there just wasn’t enough space for 4″. I don’t think it matters given that these are the only windows in the room so it’s not noticeable that the dimensions are different.  All this will look much nicer when I build the cherry panels above the range hood.

I finished the trim around the doorway to the mudroom and the sliding door to the back porch is finished.

But I think the most rewarding accomplishment has been fitting the slate to the backsplash.

The final punchlist is getting shorter, but so are the number of days until 31 August!

A reader had asked how we joined the sheetrock to the masonry in the kitchen. Actually, we didn’t. My intention was to fit trim to the abutt the masonry, but I think just leaving the sheetrock as close as possible to the masonry, but leaving a space looks nice and clean. Here are some closer photos of where the two surfaces meet, but note that we have some work to do cleaning up paint marks on the masonry. I also include a close-up of where the broom closet meets the masonry (see this post).

February 19, 2012

Hundreds of feet…

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…of trim.

It’s amazing what one room can require in trim. And when you take a rough-cut board and plane to thickness, trim to width and rough length, sand, prime, and paint it just takes sooo long.  Then you have to measure, cut to length, nail (thank goodness for air nailers), fill nail holes, and paint. It really takes a long time.

So I pretty much have the “dining area” off the kitchen completed. Except I still need to mill, paint, and install the trim detail that goes on top of the baseboard as well as one header above the doorway to the mudroom.

Also, I have installed the trim in the powder room that adjoins the mudroom, and milled and painted all the trim needed for the mudroom. Once I install the mudroom tile floor I can then complete the trim. I have made a punch list of items to finish before I declare the house “done” (which will never really happen) and it’s only 3 pages long.

Also, this weekend we cut wood. I think we now have enough for next winter (since we didn’t burn that much this year). The kids really enjoyed helping (Not!).

But it was a good workout…

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