Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

December 28, 2012

Lots of Doors

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The doors that have been completed in the past couple of months include all but one kitchen cabinet doors, the front door to the addition, and a storm door for the front door of the old house.

The front door is essentially complete and here is a photo. Note the pull for the doorbell is installed and I have a brass plate that says “Pull” to install.

The kitchen doors took a lot of work. There were 7 in all.  Almost every door is a slightly different size and I made the panels out of a single piece of cherry.  Here is a photo of the doors with the panels with 2 coats of finish installed in the frames (unfinished). I had to fit each door and make adjustments with a hand plane.

After they were fitted I finished them and here they are installed.

I still have one door to complete in a corner of the base cabinets. This door has to be a bi-fold door to open near the fridge so I have been putting it off, although it won’t be too difficult.  The other to-do item is a series of cherry panels above the range hood. Then the kitchen should be complete except for possible cabinet above the prep sink (above the base cabinet lacking a door).

The other door I have been working on has been a storm door for the front door of the old house. After a year of being exposed to sun (and rain/snow) the interior paint has really taken a beating, especially the side exposed to the west.  It’s clear that a storm door is a necessity to protect the entry way.  I designed the door to be similar to a four-panel door except that the top 2 panels will be windows that can be replaced with screens (if you so wish). I used antique cast iron hinges and modern brass doorknobs.

Here’s a photo of it installed. I used the same paint I used for the storm door in the rear of the stone house. It is a green similar to the green we used on the addition but darker.  I think it looks ok – decide for yourself.

Now we just need some stone steps to the front door of the old part of the house (although it would fit in well in Vermont without a front stoop)! And we’ll see how often I have to restore it because of damage from sun and rain.

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