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March 8, 2010

Eight Days of the Kiln

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Ethan and I loaded the kiln with cherry (for our future kitchen) on the 27th of February. While I was away there wasn’t much sun and the kiln barely made it up to 90 degrees until Friday. Then the sun came out and the past 5 days the kiln has reached 110-120 degrees every day.

A graph of temperature, relative humidity, and dew points tells the whole story. With little sun, relative humidity slowly declined but once the sun came out you can see a large decline. I measured wood moisture on Saturday and it was in the 12-14% range. On Sunday it was in the 10-11% range. Today it was 6-9%.

On Saturday I opened up the vents and that resulted in a rapid decline in moisture content and relative humidity. This evening I shut down the vents a little and will let it dry for another day (it’s supposed to be sunny again). If the moisture content readings of the wood stay in the 6-8% range I’m going to move the wood down to the shop and load up some of the pine I have been air drying.

Click the following link for a graph of the kiln conditions: Cherry

Update on the house

The well casing will be $12.25 per foot. Calculate that cost if we need 50 ft/well for 6 wells. Ka-ching. Today they didn’t even get another well drilled and the mud is over 6″ deep and spreading across the yard towards Lisa’s garden. The electricians are almost ready for inspection and the plumber is returning tomorrow. By next week we can have the framing, plumbing, and electrical inspected.

Now we wait for the well drilling to be completed because that has to be finished before the utility trench can be dug.

In the meantime… siding of the house continues and footers for the porches need to be dug and poured. This evening Ethan and I ripped off the small roof over the back door so that there was more room to side the house.  And Lisa and I need to choose a paint color for the house…

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