Pennsylvania Limestone Farmhouse Renovations to an 1863 farmhouse built of limestone

March 10, 2010

Busy Day

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Today started with Lisa and I driving up to the solar kiln to unload the first batch of wood. The cherry Ethan and I loaded last week was down to ~6-8% moisture content after 5 full days of sun.  We uneventfully moved the wood to the workshop. Then we went up on the roof to try and pick out colors for the new house.

We have tentatively chosen colors that closely match the colors of the primed trim (parsnip) and siding (bayberry wax)…  We admit it makes us feel like we lack any ability to make intelligent color choices but the green and grey of the primer brings out the green/gray colors in the stone.  We hope it works and to hedge our bets we are going to paint one section of the house and see how it looks before we commit to doing everything in our color choices.

Then the mason arrived to start making holes in the side of our stone house so we can get from the old house to the new house. His first recommendation was to re-point the stone basement (see our very first blog to view what the exposed foundation looked like ( My reaction was somewhat skeptical but after he starting removing stones I think we’re lucky the house didn’t fall down when we excavated the foundation.

Here’s a picture of the basement to basement passageway that Dave started to clear

Once some stones were removed it was clear that the foundation needs re-pointing to keep it together. The mortar today is mostly mud (or missing).

Here’s a view from the new side of the basement.

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