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April 6, 2010

We’ve Gone Underground

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Today was the day that Allegheny Power scheduled the switch from overhead to underground utilities. I woke up and it was raining.  Fortunately, by 8am the showers stopped and the skies cleared. The electricians were here at 7:3oam and shut off the power when Lisa went to work and began preparing for the changeover.  They were ready by 9:30am when Allegheny showed up – so much so that if the lineman could have waited 15 minutes it would have been turned back on in a half hour… but the lineman had to go elsewhere in the meantime.  Anyway, by noon we had a new panel in the barn and power in the house and even the addition (2 outlets to plug in power tools).

I spent the day working on venting the bathroom fans. It only took 3 trips to the hardware store.

The bad part of that is because we spent so much money there we get a $10 coupon for every $200 we spend – that means $10,000 in windows left me with 30-something coupons.  Now when I buy something the salesman mentions that if I spend a dollar more I can use another coupon. Try spending just $1 in a hardware store!

Anyway, I finished the vents about 7pm after dealing with electrician, mason, geothermal, and builder issues. Here’s a picture of the electricians removing the overhead wires

When Lisa came home she asked who wasn’t here. In the afternoon the geothermal drilling crew returned to try to get an extra 100′ of piping in the ground to service the heat exchanger in the addition. So once again our yard looks like a wildcat drilling operation.

Contractors will be wrapping up tasks pretty quickly now. We’ll try to keep up with them.

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